Thinking futures

Strategy at the Edge of Complexity and Uncertainty
Thinking about the unthinkable
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Today's society is facing challenges of an unprecedented global scale. Economic shifts, ageing population, migration flows and climate change - to name only a few - will provide both new problems and new opportunities. Analyses, instruments and methods that were used in the past to prepare for the future no longer work. How can decision-makers and policy-makers cope with all this?

This book offers insight into a new approach. 'Future(s) thinking' is a powerful and research-based method of interpreting an unpredictable, changing and complex environment. It can be applied in a range of domains, from political policy and business strategy to innovation and entrepreneurship. In all of these domains, the disciplined application of future thinking can offer a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage.

Thinking Futures is a valuable guide for anyone concerned for our future: from politicians to CEOs, from policy-makers to youngsters and from diplomats to intelligence service directors.

Derrick Gosselin is hoogleraar en directeur van het Center voor Toekomstverkenning aan de UGent. Hij is fellow van de Oxford Martin School en van Green Templeton College aan de Universiteit van Oxford.

Derrick Gosselin is Fellow of the Royal Belgian Academy. He is a professor at Ghent University and at the Royal Military Academy, as well as Fellow of Green Templeton College and the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. He is Member of the Strategic Foresight Council of the World Economic Forum and founder-director of the Centre for Futures Research at Ghent University.


Bruno Tindemans is CEO van SYNTRA Vlaanderen en post-doctoraal medewerker aan de Universiteit Gent. Hij doctoreerde aan Cranfield University en doceert aan de Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) in het EULP-programma.

Bruno Tindemans is Senior Research Fellow and cofounder of the Centre for Futures Research at Ghent University, and Visiting Lecturer at the Saïd Business School, Oxford. He is engaged in postdoctoral research on vision and entrepreneurship in times of turbulence.


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