Customers the day after tomorrow - English version

How to attract customers in a world of AI, bots and automation
How automation and artificial intelligence can be transformed into customer benefits
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We are now entering the third phase of digitalization: the phase of far-reaching automation and artificial intelligence. This shift will radically change the relationship between companies and their customers. If companies want to remain customer-oriented, they will need to devise a new kind of customer strategy.

This book will guide you through the new phase of digitalization and help you to develop the mindset you need to keep your company ahead of the game in The Day After Tomorrow. Only then will you be able to successfully combine the most brilliant digital innovations with the most unique human skills.

Steven Van Belleghem is een internationaal keynotespreker. Hij is part-time marketingprofessor aan Vlerick Business School en gastdocent aan London Business School. Steven is ook ondernemer: hij is partner van inspiratiebedrijf nexxworks en co-founder van contentcreatiebureau Snackbytes. Hij is bestuurder bij Plan International België.

Steven Van Belleghem is an international keynote speaker. He is a part-time marketing professor at the Vlerick Business School and a guest lecturer at the London Business School. In addition, he is a partner at the nexxworks inspiration company and co-founder of the Snackbytes content creation bureau. He is also a director of Plan International Belgium.

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