Creative belgium awards. The book 2017

Digging for gold
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Great ad ideas are all around us. Hidden in plain sight. Waiting to be dug up, to be polished. To shine in clear-cut design, in gripping film or in dazzling multimedia campaigns.

This book honors the greatest Belgian miners of content. The ones that succeed in digging up the most innovative images, the craftsmen of the purest ad diamonds. Covering thirteen categories, it displays Creative Belgium's 2017 Awards, from the ones that made the shortlist to bronze, silver and gold medal winners.

Once again, this book is a tribute to the leanest ads, to the most successful ideas, and to the unrelenting creativity of Belgium's finest ad men and women.

Creative Belgium is a non-profit association seeking to promote, encourage and celebrate creative excellence for brands. Their aim is to unite and inspire creative thinkers representing all the roles involved in the creation of communication

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