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13 myths debunked
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... is a waste of time
... is a talking shop
... is far too big an exercise
Co-creation is a hot topic in organizations. The term is thrown around in innumerable meetings and we all have our own ideas of the practice. By now, however, we struggle to define what it truly means and which purpose it can serve.

In concise and powerful chapters, Co-creation... disproves thirteen popular myths and comes to a new understanding of the concept. Step by step, this book proves that co-creation is crucially relevant in establishing a long lasting and positive connection between managers and their employees.

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Hans Begeer is managementconsultant, facilitator en coach. Vanuit zijn praktijk BMC Consulting is hij internationaal adviseur voor multinationale organisaties in uiteenlopende sectoren.

Hans Begeer is a management consultant, facilitator and coach. He is an international advisor to multinational organizations in a wide range of business sectors via his practice, BMC Consultancy.

Lesley Vanleke is consultant en facilitator. Ze is medeoprichter van het LSC-Collective. Lesley werkt rond het thema 'zelfsturing' in het kader van organisatieontwikkeling en hedendaags loopbaanbeleid.

Lesley Vanleke is a consultant and facilitator. She is co-founder of the LSC-Collective. Within the framework of organizational development and contemporary career policies, her work focuses on self-management.


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