Transcending Average Leadership
Speak up, you can become a Beyonder!
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In many organisations and countries people are desperately searching for leaders that can provide solutions to transcend the many financial, political and environmental problems that the world is facing. Sadly, such leaders are few and far between. But fortunately there is hope: Beyondership. Leaders who aspire to Beyondership possess and radiate a deep-seated vision, anchored in a clear set of values. What others see as obstacles, they welcome as challenging opportunities. They create environments that inspire passion, and persevere until their goals are reached. Even when not supported by powerful parties, they have the courage to be a minority of one and steadfastly fight for what they genuinely believe. For a Beyonder, it is not about being the best in the world, but being the best for the world.

Herman Van den Broeck is professor emeritus aan de UGent en Vlerick Business School. Zijn voornaamste interesses zijn change management, agility, emotionele intelligentie, en leiderschap.

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David Venter is docent aan Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School en gespecialiseerd in onderhandelen. Hij kwam in contact met tal van wereldleiders.

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