The Agile Leader's Scrapbook

A radical plea for abandoning the mantra of hierarchic management and embracing co-creation
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The demand for organisations to become more agile has never been greater than in today's fast-moving economy. This book puts forward a framework and techniques that will allow your organisation to survive and even thrive in the turbulence of the current business environment.

The Agile Leader's Scrapbook inspires readers to find a 'managerial logic' that fits with the particular needs of their organisation. By laying out the basics of what it means to create an 'agile' working environment, it provides clues to a better approach to co-creation, and to letting self-sufficient teams make better and more sustainable decisions.

Herman Van den Broeck is professor emeritus aan de UGent en Vlerick Business School. Zijn voornaamste interesses zijn change management, agility, emotionele intelligentie, en leiderschap.

Barney Jordaan is professor negotiation en conflict management aan Vlerick Business School. Voorheen was hij professor aan de rechtsfaculteit van de universiteit van Stellenbosch, Zuid-Afrika en gastprofessor in negotiation bij verschillende international business schools.

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